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For owners and operators of AutoGyro aircraft, support is always just a phone call or e-mail away.

If you have any questions regarding our product, we're here to provide answers.

Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 4 PM Eastern Time. All inquires will be addressed as quickly as possible.

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Flight Manuals

These flight manuals are a direct English translation of the German flight manuals and can be used as a Guide in creating your Pilot Operating Handbook.

MTOSport Flight Manual Calidus Flight Manual Cavalon Flight Manual

Warranty Form

Warranty Application Form

Service Bulletins/Manufacturer Information


AG-SB-2017-01-C-EN shunt measuring protection-1.pdf [344 kb]

AG-SB-2017-02-C-EN Calidus compressor fuse.pdf [427 kb]

AG-SIL-2017-01-B-EN Calidus frame mast inspection.pdf [355 kb]


AG-SB-2016-05-B-EN - MT series suspension bow.pdf [146 kb]

AG-SB-2016-06-B-EN - Cavalon fuel-tank inlay ring.pdf [709 kb]

AG-SB-2016-01-B-EN - Replacement Expansion Tank MTOsport.pdf [725 kb]

AG-SB-2016-02-C-EN - Installation of PPC Clamp.pdf [267 kb]

AG-SB-2016-04-B-EN - Replacement Oil Pump Adaptor.pdf [203 kb]

AG-SB-2016-04-C-EN - Replacement Muffler tube Cavalon and Calidus.pdf [385 kb]


AG-MI-2015-02-C-EN - Change of Measurement Method from Cylinder Head Temperature to Coolant Temperature.pdf [332 kb]

AG-MI-2015-01-C-EN-Crimp-Connection-10-mm2-Wires.pdf [178 kb]


AG_MI_2014-05-C-EN-Fuel-Pump-Relay.pdf [625 kb]

AG_MI_2014-04-C-EN-Fuel-Pump-Relay.pdf [305 kb]

AG_MI_2014-03-B-EN-Pre-Rotator-Bendix-Gear.pdf [197 kb]

AG_MI_2014-01-C-EN-Connector-for-Micro-Switch.pdf [219kb]


AG_MI_2013-14-B-EN - Pre-Rotator Clutch.pdf [361 kb]

AG_MI_2013-13-C-EN - Extension of Antenna Ground Plane.pdf [528 kb]

AG_MI_2013-12-B-EN - Replacement of Oil Sump Hose.pdf [263 kb]

AG_MI_2013-11-B-EN - Retrofit of Heat Protection.pdf [360 kb]

AG_MI_2013-10-C-EN - Retrofit ThrottleTurbo Detent.pdf [438 kb]

AG_MI_2013-07-B-EN - Skid Plate Keel Rear.pdf [233 kb]

AG_MI_2013-06-B-EN - Pre-Rotator Clutch.pdf [223 kb]

AG_MI_2013-05-C-EN - Manifold Pressure Gauge.pdf [542 kb]

AG_MI_2013-04-C-EN - Impact Hammer.pdf [190 kb]

AG_MI_2013-03-C-EN - Retrofit of Heat Protection.pdf [216 kb]

AG_MI_2013-02-B-EN - Pre-Rotator Clutch.pdf [218 kb]

AG_MI_2013-01-C-EN - EndPositionDetection-IVO.pdf [784 kb]


2012_02_ManufacturerBulletin_NoseGearRubberDamper_EN.pdf [505 kb]

2012_01_ManufacturerBulletin_Teeterstops_EN.pdf [380 kb]


2011_01_CustomerInformation_IVO_Resistor.pdf [1.7 mb]


Gyrocopter Pilot Handbook Gyrocopter Pilot Handbook
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Flying a New Generation Gyrocopter Flying a New Generation Gyrocopter
$75.00 plus shipping

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