Idaho - Boise

Idaho - Boise
P&R Airfield (ID26)
Cammie Patch

Total time: about 7500 hours
Gyro time: about 900 hours
Flight instruction time: about 7000 hours
Gyro instruction: about 700 hours
Ratings: ATP (Single and Multi engine airplane), CFI, CFII, MEI, A&P/IA, LSRM -Airplane-Powered Parachute-Glider-Weight shift trike, Gold Seal instructor, Cirrus and Columbia Instructor

Dealer Boise Idaho

Full-time instructor

Master CFI 2003-2007, Gold Seal CFI, Chief Flight Instructor for Columbia Aircraft owner’s club, CSIP CFI (Cirrus Standardized Instructor Program), FAA FAASTeam Representative