Cavalon with Rotax 915is Fuel Injected Engine

The first side-by-side gyroplane of AutoGyro is a real masterpiece in design, technique, and innovation and overcomes all restrictions and limits. Seated side by side, it presents its pilot and passenger an incomparable dimension and comfort.

As a side-by-side model, the Cavalon expands the product range of the AutoGyro product line and offers a huge variety of features. Due to its big tank volume, the Cavalon handles great distances easily and always offers everyone the perfect position thanks to its individually adjustable seats and pedals. From the bottom to the top every wish is fulfilled, the interior offers plenty of room for pilot and passengers, available options include a heated cockpit or heated seats with lumbar support, comfort grip control sticks and if that’s not enough we also offer a Garmin G3X Touch suite on the panel. Comfort, style, and a whole lotta fun too!!!

Cavalon Kit Pricing Starts at $145,000

Type Certificated Factory Built Cavalon Pricing Starts at $150,000

All pricing is dependent on Current Euro to US Dollar Exchange Rates

Technical Data

L X W x H (excl. rotor)

15.27' x 5.85' x 9.1'

Rotor length

27.3 ft / 27.95 ft. / 28.6 ft

Empty weight

715 lbs

Max. Take-off Mass (MTOM)

1232 lbs


Rotax 915iS or newly released Rotax 916iS 160HP

Takeoff distance, wheels up 2

357 ft

Takeoff distance to clear 45 ft

854 ft

Max endurance 3

up to 6 hrs

Max range 4

up to 360 miles

Cruise speed

55-110 mph

Max speed (Vne)

120 mph

Cruise 70% power setting, MTOM

100 mph

Fuel capacity

26.4 US gallons

*1 914UL engine variant only for special orders, data available separately

*2 560kg take-off standard weight on short grass, ISA conditions

*3 Typical aircraft configuration applies: 1 pilot (80 kg), 40 l fuel, 2000 ft MSL

*4 Typical aircraft configuration applies: 1 pilot (80 kg), max fuel, 2000 ft MSL

Technical data can vary regarding country-specific legal requirements and is also depending on propeller/rotor/fuel and aircraft configuration/equipment. Always refer to the Pilot's Operating Handbook.

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