Pest Control

Equipped with highly professional special equipment and breathing mask, our MTOterminator is the perfect partner for plant protection and pest control from the air:

  • 200 l tank for liquid
  • 12 m carbon spraying arms (removable)
  • 26 nozzles (changable on request)
  • Application rate: 5-100 l/min
  • AGNAV GPS controlled
  • Helmet with integrated full-face covering mask and air filter

Combine all advantages of the gyroplane with your individual mission for highest and most-efficient output.


AutoGyros are your ideal partner for any surveillance mission. This is why our models do already fly for Police departments of the cities Tomball and Somerset, among others, here in the U.S.A. But also in France, the SNCF counts on our Cavalon for patrolling thousands of kilometers of their railway tracks.

The possibilities are farreaching, whereas the costs are minimal. We are able to operate 90% of all helicopter missions at 10% of the costs.


In close cooperation with partner companies, our gyros realize the ideal operation of geo-mapping flights.


Provided with our special equipment, our MTOagric is the ideal partner in any agricultural assignment:

  • 120 L Tank for crop spraying
  • 9 m spraying arms (foldable)
  • GPS controlled
  • Adjustable spraying quantity: min 1 L/min up to 60 L/min
  • Weight 42 kg
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