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Which Model is best for you?

Side by Side or Tandem? Open or Closed cockpit? Kit or Type Certified?

Model Side by Side Tandem Cockpit Kit (requires assembly) Factory Built (assembled)
MTOsport 2017Open

Gyroplane Kit or Factory Built? Build it or Buy it?

Gyroplane KIT – Experimental Amateur Built

  • Kits are registered as Experimental Amateur Built (E-AB)
  • Our kits can be considered “Quickbuild” and typically take between 8 – 14 days to assemble
  • Kits must be assembled under the supervision of one of our Independent Locations, there is a fee for Builders Assist, the cost varies depending on the model but starts at $4,500 and goes up from there. Builder Assist fees are paid to the location that is assisting you and not included in the purchase price of the aircraft.
  • All E-AB aircraft must complete a Phase One Fly Off, you can find more information about the Phase One at,
  • Training cannot begin in this aircraft until Phase One has been completed
  • The person assembling the aircraft will be named the Builder of Record and may be able to receive a Repairman’s Certificate from the FAA. This will enable that individual to complete the conditional inspection that is required every 12 months to maintain airworthiness
  • After aircraft assembly, the plane must be inspected by a DAR (Designated Airworthiness Representative) and they will issue an Airworthiness Certificate
  • Prior to its first flight the aircraft should complete a thorough ground test run, we have a checklist available for each of our models

Factory Built – Primary Category Aircraft

  • Built at the AutoGyro factory in Germany, test flown, and rotor blades balanced prior to shipping to the US
  • Turn key, no Phase One fly-off
  • Must be maintained by an A&P mechanic
  • Train in your own aircraft immediately
  • This aircraft can be rented and used for limited commercial activity

Engine Options

Model Rotax 912 ULS 100 hp Rotax 914 UL 115hp Rotax 915is Fuel Injected Rotax 916is Fuel Injected (kit only)
MTOsport 2017

Maximum Seat Weights by Model

Model Front Aft Left/Right
MTOclassic132 lbs – 275 lbs (min – max)284 lbs (max)
MTOsport 2017132 lbs – 242 lbs (min – max)242 lbs (max)
Calidus143 lbs – 275 lbs (min – max)275 lbs (max)
Cavalon242lbs (max)

Color Options

What colors do we offer? Any color you would like! However, we have three standard colors, RED, WHITE, and YELLOW.

Standard Colors
Specialty Colors

(NOT limited to these colors) these are only examples of previous aircraft. Don’t see a color you like? No problem. We are happy to customize your AutoGyro in any color you would like, just send us your paint code, and leave the rest to us. (additional charges apply)


MTOclassic KIT Pricing Starts at $65,000

MTOsport 2017 Kit Pricing Starts at $80,000
Factory Built MTOsport 2017 Pricing Starts at $85,000

Calidus KIT Pricing Starts at $105,000
Factory Built Calidus Pricing Starts at $110,000

Cavalon Kit Pricing Starts at $145,000
Factory Built Cavalon Pricing Starts at $150,000

All pricing is dependent on Current Euro to US Dollar Exchange Rates

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