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Which Model is best for you?

Side by Side or Tandem? Open or Closed cockpit? Kit or Type Certified?

ModelSide by SideTandemCockpitKit (requires assembly)Type Certificated (assembled)
MTOsport 2017Open

Gyroplane Kit or Type Certificated? Build it or Buy it?

Gyroplane KIT – Experimental Amateur Built

  • Kits are registered as Experimental Amateur Built (E-AB)
  • Our kits can be considered “Quickbuild” and typically take between 8 – 14 days to assemble
  • Kits must be assembled under the supervision of one of our Independent Locations, there is a fee for Builders Assist, the cost varies depending on the model but starts at $4,500 and goes up from there. Builder Assist fees are paid to the location that is assisting you and not included in the purchase price of the aircraft.
  • All E-AB aircraft must complete a Phase One Fly Off, you can find more information about the Phase One at,
  • Training cannot begin in this aircraft until Phase One has been completed
  • The person assembling the aircraft will be named the Builder of Record and may be able to receive a Repairman’s Certificate from the FAA. This will enable that individual to complete the conditional inspection that is required every 12 months to maintain airworthiness
  • After aircraft assembly, the plane must be inspected by a DAR (Designated Airworthiness Representative) and they will issue an Airworthiness Certificate
  • Prior to its first flight the aircraft should complete a thorough ground test run, we have a checklist available for each of our models

Type Certificated – Primary Category Aircraft

  • Built at the AutoGyro factory in Germany, test flown, and rotor blades balanced prior to shipping to the US
  • Turn key, no Phase One fly Off
  • Must be maintained by an A&P mechanic
  • Train in your own aircraft immediately
  • Flight Instructors will not need to obtain a LODA to train in this aircraft
  • This aircraft can be rented and used for limited commercial activity

Engine Options

ModelRotax 912 ULS 100 hpRotax 914 UL 115hpRotax 915is Fuel Injected
MTOsport 2017

Maximum Seat Weights by Model

MTOclassic132 lbs – 275 lbs (min – max)284 lbs (max)
MTOsport 2017132 lbs – 242 lbs (min – max)242 lbs (max)
Calidus143 lbs – 275 lbs (min – max)275 lbs (max)
Cavalon242lbs (max)

More Information

Cockpit Panels - Which one do I choose?

AutoGyro has a range of Cockpit Panels available to suit your needs, our aircraft can accommodate anything from iPad flying to the Dual 7” Garmin G3X Touch Suite is available. Refer to the aircraft models on our page for more detail information.

Do you offer a transponder that complies with the 2020 ADS-B Out Mandate?

Yes, you can choose from the Garmin GTX 35R or the Trig TT22 and TN70 for the PC aircraft, or if you are flying experimental and don’t want to purchase a certified product, we have been installing the UAvionix Echo UAT

Is there financing available?

We suggest that you contact your local lender or LightStream financing. LightStream is an online lending company that offers unsecured loans up to $100K, we have customers that have used their services and they reported that it was a positive experience. You can check them out at

Who should I call to get started on my new order?

Please check our list of independent locations that can be found on this website to see who is located closest to you, or you can contact us at AutoGyro USA.

How much do you require for a deposit?

All new gyroplane orders require a 50% deposit for us to schedule your new aircraft into our production schedule. Payments should be made via wire transfer and in US Dollars.

The remaining balance will be due prior to container loading in Germany, the plane must be paid in full prior to transport

Our aircraft are priced in Euros, we will use the current Euro to US Dollar exchange rate each time you submit a payment

How long will it take for my new gyroplane to arrive in the United States?

Lead times on all new orders range anywhere from 8 – 12 weeks, this may vary depending on how many orders are ahead of you. This does not include the time it takes to transport your aircraft from Germany. That typically takes 3 – 4 weeks, depending on if it will be shipped to the East or West Coast. By default, all aircraft will be shipped to Maryland unless other arrangements have been made.

Once the container arrives in the Port it must clear customs, each Port of entry is different, some clear quickly and some take as long as a week or more. This is out of our control, but we do our best to push for a speedy delivery, we know you are excited…we are too!!!


MTOsport 2017 Kit Pricing Starts at $70,000
PC MTOsport 2017 Pricing Starts at $80,000

Calidus KIT Pricing Starts at $77,000
PC Calidus Pricing Starts at $105,000

Cavalon Kit Pricing Starts at $115,000
PC Cavalon Pricing Starts at $125,000

All pricing is dependent on Current Euro to US Dollar Exchange Rates