MTOsport 2017

Now Accepting Orders for Factory Built MTOsport (2017 model only)

The MTOsport continues to embody that feeling of boundless freedom and incomparable excitement with its open cockpit configuration.

With the redesign, the MTOsport 2017 continues to evolve as the market demands but still embodies that feeling of boundless freedom and incomparable excitement that you have come to know and love. We have reset the benchmark and raised the standard to a whole new level. The entire aircraft is new from the ground up. The MTOsport Model 2017, brings together innovation and excellence in design, and it combines functionality and comfort. We have increased the fuel capacity, add a heated seat with lumbar support option and also include adjustable rudder pedals. These are just a few of the new features that you will enjoy while maintaining its outstanding flight characteristics. If you haven’t experienced open cockpit flight, you truly are missing out, the time is now, let’s go fly!

MTOsport 2017 Kit Pricing Starts at $80,000

Factory Built MTOsport 2017 Pricing Starts at $85,000

All pricing is dependent on Current Euro to US Dollar Exchange Rates

What's New

What's New
Technical Data
L X W x H (excl. rotor)17.06' x 5.85' x 9.1'
Rotor Length27.3 ft / 27.95 ft / 28.6 ft
Empty weight649 lbs
MTOM (Max Takeoff Mass)1231 lbs
EngineRotax 915 iS 1 or Rotax 916is
Takeoff distance, wheels up 2357 ft
Takeoff distance, to clear 45 feet854 ft
Max endurance 3up to 5.5 hours
Max range 4up to 330 miles
Cruise speed55-110 mph
Cruise 70% power setting, MTOM100 mph
Max speed (Vne)120 mph
Fuel capacity25 US gallons

*1 912ULS and 914UL engine variant data available separately. See the respective POH
*2 1232 lb take-off standard weight on short grass, ISA conditions
*3 Typical aircraft configuration applies: 1 pilot (80 kg), 40 l fuel, 2000 ft MSL
*4 Typical aircraft configuration applies: 1 pilot (80 kg), max fuel, 2000 ft MSL

Technical data can vary regarding country-specific legal requirements and is also depending on propeller/rotor/ fuel/engine and aircraft configuration/equipment. Please always refer to the Pilot’s Operating Handbook.

MTOsport 2017 Cockpit Options

MTOSport Compass Options

MTOSport Wheel Pant Options

Keel Tube Fin

Painted Cylinder Heat and Fuel Rail Cover 915iS

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